DIY Lip Scrub

DIY Lip Scrub_

I’m a huge fan of Lush products especially their lip scrub, but for $10 for a tiny pot, it can get a little expensive. I’m constantly applying lip balm because my lips feel so dry, so I go through them rather quickly. This time I decided instead of spending $10 on a lip scrub, I’d make my own. Going through a few different recipes, I found the simplest and most effective scrub below.

I love this recipe because it’s just 3 simple ingredients that can also be used for a body scrub as well. The ingredients are all natural and good for you (no added coloring or fragrance) and will most likely be found in your pantry. No need to buy fancy oils or raw sugar.

Lip scrub ingredients


  • 3 TBS of Sugar – Sugar acts are the exfoliate, helping to remove dry skin. Using sugar is a lot softer on the lips than salt.
  • 1 TBS of Olive Oil – Olive Oil provides needed moisture for the lips.
  • 1 Teaspoon of Honey – Honey helps moisturize and heal dry lips.


  1. Combine honey and olive oil.
  2. Add sugar to olive oil & honey mixture.
  3. Mix until you have a thick consistency.
  4. Place mixture into small container (I just used my old Lush container) and you’re all set!

Lip Scrub MixtureJar for Lip ScrubLip Scrub Recipe

Ta-da! You just saved yourself $10 and will have moisturized kissable lips for spring!

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading! xo

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