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DIY: Lucite Tray

Styling your home on a budget is a tricky thing, but that’s where creativity really becomes important. Like most girls, I love pretty, stylish and often expensive home accessories, unfortunately my bank account does not. So one of the things I’ve really embraced is DIY-crafts. I may find portraits or little knick-knacks that I love and I try to recreate them and personalize them.  I’m often amazed at how inexpensive and fun they turn out to be.

One of the things I’ve created were pretty clear trays for under $15!

Ever seen clear picture photo boxes? They’re fairly inexpensive and if you download the Michael’s app on your phone you can score their weekly coupon which is usually 40% off one regular priced item.

Once you have your clear box, you’ll need a cute pattern to add to the bottom. This part s optional, as you may just like the clear look on it’s own, however I like a cute pattern to a tray. I try to buy a few scrapbook papers to change out whenever the mood strikes.


Once you have selected your print, cut the paper according to size and place in your tray. If you’d like your pattern to stay permanent, be sure to buy some hodge podge to glue your pattern to the bottom of your tray.


Lastly, decorate with any items you like and ta-da a pretty stylish tray to keep your goodies organized and you didn’t even break a sweat or your bank account.


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  • Reply Mikayla

    I love love love the colors you chose for the decor. Amazing choice!

    07/27 at 6:57 pm
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