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Local Spotlight: Malibu Wines

malibu wines

One of the best places to get together with friends in LA is Malibu Wines. Tucked away from the busy roads, Malibu wines is a nice escape. Considering it can be a bit of a drive from to get there, it’s well worth it.

You grab your friends, bring some snacks and purchase a bottle or wine flights and enjoy your time with friends while listening to live music. It’s the perfect adult-picnic/garden party – and like many of my favorite things, it offers free entry. You only have to purchase a bottle for you group, which is quite inexpensive since they start at $20+. Parking is also free, and is at a shared lot with Malibu Wine Safari (which is different from Malibu Wines, keep that in mind). Once you park they have a free shuttle to take you to the entrance, however if you prefer they have valet at the front of Malibu Wines as well, but why anyone would not want to take advantage of free parking in LA is crazy to me.

They open at 11am and considering its popularity, I recommend getting there nice and early to grab a good table with some shade. My friends and I got there around 1pm-ish and ended up with a table with no shade under the blazing sun, so we opted to sit on the grass under a tree which worked out great in the end. We brought plenty of snacks, as they don’t sell food there. I highly recommend stopping by Trader Joe’s on your way there to buy snacks (don’t forget napkins, plates etc.) and most importantly water. You’re allowed to bring non-alcoholic beverages. Bring water, especially during the summer.

malibu wines in lamalibu wines in malibu

The place has a cute pop-up shop with miscellaneous items, lots of opportunities for fun photo ops, live music to jam to and decent wines. It’s the perfect outing with friends.

I also recently found out that they do Yoga & Mimosas on the weekend, which I would love to do. However I live in West LA and 8:45am, can be a bit early considering the length of the drive. Sleep > Mimosas.

Till the next adventure! xo

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