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Local Spotlight: Pizza D’Oro

photo14-266x300I am without a doubt, a pizza girl. I love me some good pizza, and while there’s always a lot of hype when it comes to gourmet pizza, I love the American classic much better. Simple, straight forward, nothing to intricate or fancy, just darn good pizza. One of me & my husband’s places to grab a slice is D’Oro in Costa Mesa. A small little hole in the wall that offers your Italian basics – most of which I have yet to try because their pizza is my go-to. For about $6 you can get a giant (I mean GIANT) slice with a salad. It’s a steal. And it’s really good.Order that and a pitcher of beer and it’s heaven.

Service has always been friendly and attentive, and while they may lack a variety of choices, whether it be with their beer selection or salad dressing (it’s either Italian or Ranch – which are both delicious btw) I respect that they keep it simple. I almost like it better – it’s the In-n-Out philosophy of less complication and just good food.

Have any places you’d recommend in California to try? Send them my way!



NOTE: As always, all local spotlights are my personal opinion and are not sponsored. I only feature what I would recommend.

*Last (4) Images From Yelp.

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