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Local Spotlight: The Broad Museum

Broad Museum Art

Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying a nice day at an art museum, especially when it’s as cool as the Broad Museum in Downtown. Architecturally it rivals the Disney Concert Hall with it’s unique honeycomb exterior, but that’s just the beginning, once you step inside it’s even more gorgeous. Modern art museums can often be really cool or really weird, but the Broad just gets it right.

One of it’s best perks is the fact that it’s free. I highly recommend booking free tickets in advance online, as the day of admission is first-come,first-serve and the lines I’ve seen are out of control. The Broad features Any Warhal, as well as new artists like Takashi Murakami and Jeff Koons. A current highlight however is Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored RoomI’ve heard many describe it as “the ultimate selfie room” and I can’t really argue with that, it’s definitely a unique experience.

Infinity Room Broad Museum

I highly suggest getting admission tickets early and going straight to reserve a spot to view the Infinity Mirrored Room as spots fill up quickly. Once you make a reservation, you are notified over a text when you can go view the exhibit. You can either enter the Infinity Mirrored Room alone or with your party and get to experience it by yourselves for about 45 seconds. It’s such a cool installation that I highly enjoyed and recommend.

The Broad Modern Art MuseumTheBroadMuseumBroadMuseum


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