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May Beauty Favorites: Part III


I use to have a love and hate relationship with my hair, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to really love it. Sure I have A LOT of hair, it can take forever to grow, it’s extremely unruly and temperamental, but with a little work, it can really look great.

Earlier this year I made the decision to dye my hair for the first time ever! A decision that at the time felt fun and different, has left me feeling mixed emotions. If you’re young, I recommend never dying your hair unless you must, which is the suggestion everyone older, wiser said to me. To be honest, I’m now starting to get random gray hair, which is the main reason I decided to dye my hair. But running my fingers every day through my hair for 28 years and then to dye my hair all of sudden, the change is so drastic in the way it feels & looks. So this past May I was on a mission to get my hair to feel, even a tiny bit to looking and feeling the way it use to be: shiny, healthy and bouncing.So far I’ve accepted my hair fate, it’ll never be the same, but the below products have really helped a lot. Let me know what you’re currently using or if you have any hair product recommendations I’d love to hear!

  • Matrix Biolace Shampoo & Conditioner – Great combo for color-treated hair, it’s paraben-free and has really helped with my keeping my hair color.
  • Garnier Damage Eraser – This is a split-end leave-in conditioner that I’ve really been enjoying. It’s made a very big difference in my hair. It’s so inexpensive and smells heavenly. I’d recommend this to everyone.
  • Tresemme Kertain Smooth Heat Protection Spray – I’m pretty particular about heat protectant sprays, many of them contain a lot of alcohol which damages the hair. But this particular spray is awesome, the scent isn’t weird and it makes a big difference when adding heat to my hair with styling tools.
  • Organix Argon Oil – I use the smallest amount on the tips of my hair for added moisture, as well as for keeping frizz down. I use it with wet hair or dry hair and makes the biggest difference.
  • Sebastian Hair Spray – I was looking for a new hair spray and came upon this one and luckily I’ve really grown to like it. It gives great hold without being too harsh.

And that’s it! Last part of my May Beauty Favorites. Hope you’ve discovered some new products!

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