Michelada Station


As the nice, breezy warm weather begins in LA, nothing feels more perfect than having a backyard BBQ. My family is huge on grilling during the spring and summer months. We grill meat and fish for tacos, burgers, hot dogs – anything and everything.

A couple weeks ago we started up the grill and decided to spice up our BBQ up by having a little Michelada station. If you’re unfamiliar with Micheladas they’re a beer drink with lime juice, some mix of spicy seasoning, and the optional tomato juice – it’s essentially a Mexican version of a bloody Mary. But when done right, I much prefer a Michelada over a bloody Mary.

To make our Michelada station easier, we used Don Chelada’s drink cups and Michelada mix, so all guests had to do was grab a beer. We had the Spicy cups, Lemon-lime cups (my fave!) and the Original cups for people to choose. I also sliced up limes and used cilantro as garnish, which couldn’t have been easier. Paired with carne asada and chicken tacos, the Micheladas were a hit.

DonCheladaDon Chelada

I’m a huge fan of cocktail stations at parties, but sometimes it can get expensive, messy and a little more time consuming being the hostess. I’ve recently turned to punchbowl drinks because they’re so easy. If you follow me on Pinterest, I have pinned quite a few of my favorites. However given the warmer weather outside, a punchbowl wasn’t fitting for this occasion, which made these drink cups perfect.

I’m looking forward to more BBQ’s and new drink ideas.

What’s your BBQ go-to drink?

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