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Orange Crush.

As soon as spring comes around the sea of bright colors are everywhere. Hues of yellow, pink and blue begin to emerge from the closet and reaching for lighter makeup shades is a given. This spring, I have really been gravitating towards orange, especially with my lip color. The subtle peach color on the lips is complimentary to any outfit and works so well with almost all skin tones.

Below are some of my favorite orange/peach lip products in a variety of shades and price ranges. Be sure to leave me your recos below, I’d love to try some new ones!

Orange FlipSirenRavishing ApricotJuicy PapayaManderin

 1.) Revlon Orange Flip – This shade is a red-orange combination that looks great during the day or night. Some may be worried that it’s a little loud, but it’s gorgeous on.   Being a crème shade, it’s moisturizing and can be worn without a lip-gloss.

2.) Revlon Siren – This is among many people’s favorite orange lipstick and with good reason, the orange combination has a hint of pink that’s the perfect introduction to the orange lipstick-craze. Also a crème finish, it’s moisturizing with a soft sheen.

3.) MAC Ravishing – This is one of my all-time favorites, the color is in the peach color spectrum so it’s a little softer and versatile, making it an ideal every-day use. Being a crème sheen finish, it’s moisturizing with a soft sheen

4.) Revlon Apricot Fantasy – If you’re a girl that loves nude lipsticks, I’d recommend this shade. It has a very soft hint of peach without being overt. It’s a pearl finish making a lip gloss optional.

5.) Revlon Lip Butter Juicy Papaya – If you’ve never really tried the orange/peach lip color or have tried it and hated it, you have to try this shade! Being a Lip Butter, it’s easy to use and is extremely moisturizing.  The color is ultra complimentary. I always have it in my purse when I need some color to my lips.

6.) Maybelline Vibrant Mandarin – The Maybelline’s Color Sensational Vivids line is one of my favorites. The colors are all so gorgeous, this shade is a great red-orange with a flare. Not too red, not too orange, but closer to coral.

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