Review: jimmyCASE

Minimizing clutter has become a new concept that I’m embracing, considering how much I love to over pack – whether it’s my purse, suitcase or work bag – it can be a little tough. At work, I use to hold my wallet, phone, key card and car keys in my hand when I went out to lunch because I didn’t want to carry my big work bag. It got a little irritating to try to hold everything with my hands, then pay and hold a coffee or my lunch AND everything else; completely my fault of course for choosing not to bring a bag with me, but I just like to grab and go sometimes.

I got a chance to test out the jimmyCASE and I’m thoroughly pleased that I can easily combine my wallet essentials and my phone. It makes transferring purse necessities to a clutch or smaller bag super simple. I have the iPhone 6S wallet case and I really enjoy it. The iPhone case with card holder is nice and snug so it makes it easy and safe for cards or money not to fall out. And overall I dig the classic look of the wooden phone case. It really makes it easier to swift through the usual wallet junk I carry and focus on the items I really need with me: ID, ATM, Credit Cards or most used reward cards. Have you tried something similar?


How do you minimize your bag clutter?!


Note: While jimmyCASE was provided for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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