I’m a huge fan of Lush products especially their lip scrub, but for $10 for a tiny pot, it can get a little expensive. I’m constantly applying lip balm because my lips feel so dry, so I go through them rather quickly. This time I decided instead of spending $10 on a lip scrub, I’d make my own. Going through a few different recipes, I found the simplest and most effective scrub below. I love this recipe because it’s just 3 simple ingredients that can also be used for a body scrub as well. The ingredients are all natural and […]

DIY Lip Scrub

Styling your home on a budget is a tricky thing, but that’s where creativity really becomes important. Like most girls, I love pretty, stylish and often expensive home accessories, unfortunately my bank account does not. So one of the things I’ve really embraced is DIY-crafts. I may find portraits or little knick-knacks that I love and I try to recreate them and personalize them.  I’m often amazed at how inexpensive and fun they turn out to be. One of the things I’ve created were pretty clear trays for under $15! Ever seen clear picture photo boxes? They’re fairly inexpensive and […]

DIY: Lucite Tray