Food Review

I love a good donut and I try not to indulgent too often, but every now and then they’re the perfect morning treat. There a quite a few gourmet donut shops throughout Orange County, many of them have crazy flavors, funky names, fancy designs and colorful trimmings, but I’ve found that many of them are a bit over-hyped and overpriced  {$3-$4 a donut seems a bit steep}. Luckily, I have discovered DK’s Donuts of Orange. Their donuts are so deliciously fluffy and they come in an array of different flavors: Snickers Bar, Bacon Elvis, Berry Crunch, Nutella Banana Cream, Samoa…etc. […]

Local Spotlight: DK’s Donuts of Orange

I love burgers and while the ultimate gourmet burger is highly sought out after, I prefer a no-frills DGB {Damn Good Burger}. A simple classic with fries, and TK Burgers does a great job at mastering this concept. Their beef is juicy and charbroiled, and their buns are toasted potato bread buns which are my favorite; in conjunction with their special sauce it all comes together really nicely. Oh and their fries? Delicious. Thick, crispy dinner-style fries, which I prefer over string fries. My go-to is their Bargain special. It comes with a cheeseburger, fries and a drink for under $7, […]

Local Spotlight: TK Burgers

The concept is simple – grab a tray and choose your meal, cafeteria style. It’s one of the most trendy eateries in LA and now we have one in Orange County! I’m hoping they start opening more up in the area, because Lemonade – I love you! What makes this cute little restaurant so appealing is the delicious food and lemonade. There are a lot of choices and they all look fresh and colorful, which can make it hard to decide. The soba noodles, mac & cheese, meatballs – they’re a hit with me. And their lemonade is so freshing […]

Local Spotlight: Lemonade