LA Adventures

One of the best places to get together with friends in LA is Malibu Wines. Tucked away from the busy roads, Malibu wines is a nice escape. Considering it can be a bit of a drive from to get there, it’s well worth it. You grab your friends, bring some snacks and purchase a bottle or wine flights and enjoy your time with friends while listening to live music. It’s the perfect adult-picnic/garden party – and like many of my favorite things, it offers free entry. You only have to purchase a bottle for you group, which is quite inexpensive […]

Local Spotlight: Malibu Wines

As a foodie, DineLA is prime time to be able to go try out new fun restaurants, as special menus are offered. While most “set menus” for special occasions like NYE and Valentine’s Day are over-priced and over-hyped, DineLA menus are actually meant to help you explore a restaurant’s menu at a reasonable price. Of course the key here is to find a great restaurant you want to try with a menu that sounds delicious and the price sounds perfect. As a bargain-hunter, I live for this stuff. This past weekend, my husband and I ventured to try Connie & […]

Dine LA 2016: Connie & Ted’s

Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying a nice day at an art museum, especially when it’s as cool as the Broad Museum in Downtown. Architecturally it rivals the Disney Concert Hall with it’s unique honeycomb exterior, but that’s just the beginning, once you step inside it’s even more gorgeous. Modern art museums can often be really cool or really weird, but the Broad just gets it right. One of it’s best perks is the fact that it’s free. I highly recommend booking free tickets in advance online, as the day of admission is first-come,first-serve and the lines I’ve seen are […]

Local Spotlight: The Broad Museum