May has been a great month for me, as I hope it has been for you as well. Here’s my month in review according to Instagram – if you’re not following me yet, be sure to add me. I’d love to add any new followers I’m not already following! Living in Orange County is awesome, working by the beach? AH-MAZING. Being able to see the beach each day makes every day a little brighter. I feel extremely happy and blessed to be able to work near my favorite place. Naturally, I take a lot of beachy-pictures. This month was filled […]

Month in Review: May

Back in 2009, I had a little blog titled Vanessa’s Runway on Blogspot (which has now been taken over by someone else – hopefully you’ll always wind up here though!).  I had a lot of fun expressing myself creatively and meeting new and interesting woman from all over. At the time I was fresh out of college and working part time trying to land a full time job, so the blog became a hobby that I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately due to time constraints and not having a clear vision of where I wanted to take my blog, I decided best […]

Quickest-Longest Intro.