the coveted

With spring upon us everyone will soon be planning for beach trips or tropical vacations. One of the most coveted accessory on everyone’s list is a great beach bag. Something practical, functional and of course cute. Below are some of my favorite options, let me know your favorites or where you recommend to shop for a great beach bag!  

The Coveted: Ultimate Beach Bag

Technically it’s still winter, but in California it never quite feels that way (apologies to the east coasters!). The sunny weather has me craving rompers, sandals and tan skin. There’s something so feminine and sexy about a flattering romper. While using the lady’s room may be a hassle, they’re just so stylish, plus they’re kind of a one-stop outfit. I’ve already started my online shopping search for some cute rompers, but have come out empty handed, fully knowing that they won’t really be stocked until spring. Till then I’ve found quite a few of my favorite styles on Pinterest that […]

The Coveted: Rompers

Recently I’ve been spotting glam headphones everywhere, and as a music junkie I’m loving the trend. Anytime you can personalize or add a little flair to an ordinary accessory, I’m all in. Unfortunately like many glam accessories, they come with a hefty price tag, but considering I’m constantly listening to music, I could see this as an investment, right? Take a look at some of my favorite finds under $200. Frends Taylor Gold Headphones $199 Bublebar Headphones $175   SkullCandy Knockout Headphones $100   Pink Rhinestone Headphones $42.99  

The Coveted: Glam Headphones